Why Digitising Student Credentials Could Revolutionise the Awarding Process

Life in the pandemic has brought new challenges for all of us. Both at a collective level for businesses and organisations, and individually. If living through a time such as this has taught us anything, It’s that it has never been more essential to look to the future, and plan creatively for what may lie ahead. As a company that provides unique data solutions, we are frequently interested in issues that arise on the world stage. It’s through observation that we can best resolve problems, and a recent issue that we’ve been focused on is verification fraud.  

In a survey conducted by Prospects for the CV’s Uncovered 2019 report, it was discovered that half of UK employers have fallen foul of degree fraud. If we take a closer look at this statistic, this means that 49% of large UK businesses have been in contact with a candidate who had embellished their credentials. It also reveals that an astounding 83% of UK employers believe that some of their employees have made false claims about their degree. In a new age of digital innovation and accessibility, platforms such as Photoshop and DiplomaMakers have made it simpler than ever before to falsify a degree certificate. So how can you safeguard your organisation against this kind of fraud? 

By revolutionising the awarding process.  

At Vizidox, we set out to disrupt the current verification model for student credentials. We believe that we have recreated and irrevocably transformed the traditional process, by allowing institutions to future-proof their digital data, certificates and awards. We are confident in our solution because everything we do is fuelled by Blockchain. Feeling unsure of the tech behind this? We’ll break it down for you. In the simplest of terms, Blockchain is a series of ‘blocks’, each containing a set of transactions between two people, securely ordered by date. As Blockchain is a decentralised public ledger, it is nearly impossible for it to be tampered with. Once a file has been issued over the Blockchain, it is registered there indefinitely. Using our online portal, any University can upload and issue documents over the Blockchain themselves. But you might still be asking, why take the extra step to digitise student credentials? 

The answer? Because you are eliminating the possibility of verification fraud. Our VDX portal generates a simple link to the certificate or qualification, which can then be easily sent out to the recipients of your choice. This allows for an incredibly sophisticated batch issuing process. Not only does this mean that you can guarantee that no one else is issuing verifiable certificates in your institution’s name, but that you can hugely reduce the production costs. Even if a recipient chooses to tamper with the document, print it out and scan it, it can still be instantly authenticated by a QR code, allowing it to be compared with the original document to guarantee its legitimacy. Furthermore, in the world of the COVID-19 crisis, this solution allows you to fully digitise the process without requiring a single moment of human contact. 

You can see why we call our solution revolutionary 

Want some more detail? Click here to watch a video on how Blockchain can be used within education, and to download our brochure outlining our solution. Speak to one of our experts via the virtual chat on our website, or call 01865 306 000‬ to talk through how we can help you. 




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