Using blockchain to unlock human potential

The 4th industrial revolution is booming, and technology is changing rapidly both directly and indirectly in our day to day activities.

The option for us to survive and unlock our full potential is to evolve and adapt to disruptive technology. It is the entry of these disruptive technologies that really transforms the traditional way of doing business. For example, in education, academic certifications and degrees are issued manually and the process relies heavily on paper documentation.

Recently, the VDX team had the honour of attending BESS Vietnam, where we were showcasing our blockchain powered platform that enables schools, universities, and training organisations to transform the way they issue and verify credentials.

For every student to unlock their full potential, academic credentials must be globally recognised and can be verified digitally and instantly. Using Blockchain – a distributed ledger technology – could streamline the issuing and verification process, allowing students the opportunity to focus on reaching their full potential with easy access to their education credentials anytime and anywhere.

More importantly, digital credentials enable students to avoid the mundane task of getting the paper credentials issued/verified. They can now focus on more activities relevant to their interests and potentials.

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