Retail Expo 2019 Key Takeaways

Transparency and traceability are enablers of change.

Can retail therapy truly be a therapeutic experience when the fashion industry is being labelled as the 2nd most polluting industry and meat and dairy providers are on track to be one of the world’s biggest contributors to climate change?

The industry is in need of shifting the focus from the price tags to sustainability and ethnicity.

At Retail Expo 2019, VDX team launched our blockchain powered platform that enables brands to bring the supply chain to the consumer to create trust between the two parties. Using VDX platform, Brands provide shoppers / consumers interactive information about their product and its supply chain using mobile devices. All of this can be discovered through the chain of verified information, which is recorded over the distributed ledger protocol.

Watch this video to learn more about VDX blockchain powered platform or click here to download our presentation from Retail Expo 2019

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